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Going Natural

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Bel Lavi Fragrance and Body Butters

Who is the lady behind the brand?

My name is Mia Truitt. I am a Chistian, Wife, Mother of four and I am currently working my assignment as a Certified nurse's aide. In 2015 I started playing around with Shea butter to help my niece with her eczema and to my surprise it worked! I just fell in love with the idea of using the earth's natural plants and nuts without being manufactured with synthetic properties. I never knew that My love for natural products would lead me into a beautiful skincare line five years later. I decided to tap into the world of blogging to give you a window of what goes on behind the website, pretty butters, and moisturizing oils of Bel Lavi as I began to grow and learn more about the natural world.

Love your skin

I am so Happy that you've decided to join me with going natural.

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