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What's goes on your skin; Goes in your skin!

Welcome to My World of skincare knowledge

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Understanding what we put on our skin is also absorbed in our bodies! Yes, you read that correctly, if it goes on your skin, it also goes inside of your body and attaches itself to your bloodstream. It's time to get educated on what we are using on our skin. Our first layer of protection isn't just "SKIN", it is also very vulnerable in so many ways; Let's stop neglecting our beautiful organ.

Your Body

Our body naturally fight against bacteria such as having a cold, the flu, The Covid-19 etc.. How can someone's body fight against a chemical or any type of synthetic properties for that matter? This questioned just made you think, right? As the lord reveals information to me, I am shocked as well, and this is why I must share our conversations with you! Synthetic properties and chemical based ingredients may not be harmful to the eye or medically shown right away, but the silent damage that it may cause is shocking. It takes 26 seconds of exposure of anything good or bad to enter into our blood stream through a simple touch on our skin. After much research I have learned that our body have toxins trapped inside; after exposure they are trapped with no way out for us to be unexposed, and our bodies can't fight it, so our bodies cope with the decision that we have made because of the sweet scent that it carries throughout the day. Don't be afraid to go back to our roots and guide your body back to natural products. Adore your skin again.


Our motives are not impure, and we are not trying to bash other companies, but it is our duty to educate ourselves and you to ensure that you know what you are buying and making sure your product is skin and inside safe. You cannot go wrong with Natural products! Most natural products have less than 6 pronounceable ingredients. Making better choices for your body is very important!

What's in your personal care products?

Have you ever taken a look at the ingredients of your current name brand lotion, hair grease, baby powder, shampoo etc.? there are a lot of products on the shelves in our stores across the world for us to purchase and that are potentially harmful because of the ingredients that they use. Can you name all of the ingredients that are listed on your favorite skincare product? If you cannot pronounce the ingredients, you may need to change products with words that you can pronounce.

Avoid (copied and Paste)

1. Sulfates – either sodium lauryl and sodium laureth sulfates in most cleansing products responsible for its foaming is known to slowly reduce skin moisture and protection.

2. Parabens – a chemical preservative that can be found in some moisturizers and shampoo. It is believed that excessive amounts of Parabens in your body could lead to cancer.

3. Formaldehyde – a colorless and flammable gas, it’s used as a preservative in products like makeups, lotions, and deodorants. Great amounts of exposure can lead to skin irritation.

4. Phenoxyethanol – acts as an anti-bacterial agent for cosmetics and stabilizer in perfumes. If absorbed through skin, it can harm the central nervous system and may irritate the skin.

5. Phthalates – used in cosmetics like nail po